Taylor Swift admitted She date Joe Jonas/She ain’t innocent!

Taylor Swift just wants us to feel sorry for her! Well it ain’t working for me! She is such a kiss up!

In this interview, she admits that she dated joe and that she hates guys he says they can’t go date in public. She recorded a last minute song for the album that is about her and Joe.(Ewwww) Team Jemi! Ryan Seacrest better like Joe and Demi but NOT joe and taylor!


1 Response to “Taylor Swift admitted She date Joe Jonas/She ain’t innocent!”

  1. 1 kelly
    November 6, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    im sorry
    but i think you need to get over the fact that joe and demi are not together and prob never will be.. there is a chance but you need to stop hating on everyone just cuz you believe something that is completely false…
    and selena is allowed to have multiple friends.. so if she wants be friends with demi and taylor thats just fine it doesnt take any love away from demi
    and im assuming you are a little girl cuz you cant even begin to imagine how painful it is to care for a guy so much and then have them break up with you over the phone out of nowhere when you werent expecting it… it sucks
    shes not being immature
    this is all just her way of dealing with it
    joes on the other hand is being immature and not talking about it at all… not even owning up the the fact that they were together and that he really did hurt her.
    i love joe and i am a big fan but what he did was wrong and you need to get over yourself… hes not perfect and hes not dating demi!
    and she doesnt just want us to feel sorry for her
    this is how she deals with things
    she writes songs about it… thats always the way it has been and its just a bigger deal this time because its about a jonas brother… if it were anyone else you wouldnt be saying that so just seriously shut up. you have no idea what you are talking about.

    and this is my junk email so if you wanna do whatever you can.. im not even gonna know 🙂

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