Camilla Belle Hangin’ on the beach for Kevin’s Birthday?

Great now this women………….wait hold up! Isn’t she dating Tom Sturridge?

Anyways she was seen hangin out on the beach for Kevin’s Birthday.

normal_5 normal_121

I Hope it’s a rumor! Plssssssssssssssssss!

I hate Taylor Swift! I hate Camilla Belle FOR NOW!

She better be a rumor. Yup that’s Right!

Hahahahaa Big Rob. Ellen just wants Taylor Swift and Joe together. Hell no.


(thx jonas-pandemonium.com for pics)


1 Response to “Camilla Belle Hangin’ on the beach for Kevin’s Birthday?”

  1. 1 Noelani
    November 13, 2008 at 6:59 am

    ew i friggen hate her guts now. she’s beautiful but she is the classic case of the fem fatal. they use their good looks to get men to fall for them. i feel that as a woman you should know better and stay away from a boy when he has a girlfriend already. even though i didn’t approve of him and taylor going out anyways, it’s pretty prick if he left her to get with camilla. i mean camilla should of echnored the fact that he finds her attractive and respected taylor’s and his relationship. i mean at least have the decentsy to wait a little longer before you end up being seen together.

    i swear all this drama crap could of been avoided if he had just gone out with demi. i mean demi get’s him and they always seem so happy together. when joe was with taylor it seemed like it was just convinient. and if he is infact with camilla belle, i think it’s just because of lust. i mean she’s been his celeb crush forevers and if she’s finally giving into liking you back joseph.. and now when you’re as famous as ever. don’t you think it’s kind of ironic joseph? i mean she’s now gonna be able to become a household name and move on from her line less 1000 BC crap of a movie. i mean the whole thing makes me laugh.

    poor naive joe. can’t help being a dumb boy who doesn’t know that the perfect girl for him has been right there all along.

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