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J.O.N.A.S Preview

Here’s the full sneak peek of Disney Channel’s originial series J.O.N.A.S.

In this comedy series, rock star brothers – Kevin, Joe and Nick Lucas, living on Jonas street – are extraordinarily talented young guys trying to lead ordinary lives albeit with sleek guitars, concert tours, cool clothes and throngs of ardent fans following their every move. Although they’re the greatest band on the planet, they still have the same trials and tribulations as other teens. Set in the Jonas brothers’ New Jersey home where they live with their parents, Tom and Sandy, and little brother Frankie, the series is highlighted by original music in every episode. The stories follow the brothers to Horace Mantis Academy, the private school they attend with longtime friend and style guru Stella Malone who believes fashion is the sixth sense and finds unique ways to personalize their school uniforms. . Their fellow student is self-proclaimed #1 JONAS fan, Macy Misa.

(thx JBMusicOnRedbull465 for vid, thx Wikipedia for info!)

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