Yay! EEEEEEEEEEEK! Kaity, a jemi fan, watched the behind-the-scenes with the Jonas Brothers footage in the DVD of Don’t Forget: Deluxe Edition. She said there was many Jemi Moments! Here is what she posted in the Jemi fanforum!

hey guys i dont know if anyone posted about the dvd yet, but i just finished watching it. theres some good jemi moments one there! so cute. theres one of demi singing in her dressing room at the wiltern then you see joe outside of her dressing room introducing her to the camera saying stuff like “behind these doors is THE DEMI LOVATO“. then theres another jemi hug! an di think one of the best parts is when they show that day behind the burning up tour (you know that green room and you see joe take a polaroid of demi)…so demi, joe, and big rob were making a beat/song using stuff on the table. it was one of the moments where you can tell they can really connect, they have the same kind of comedy. they stopped singing and started at the same exact time lol

i think the 20 dollars was worth it to see the jemi moments lol there was more but imma watch it again then post it if i catch more


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