JoBros at Bahamas!


Jonas Brothers perform at the Bahamas! Why did Joe where the same thing like at the 17 Again Premiere? Akward……

Here are some of what the fans experienced at the concert:

Jessica: John taylor WAS there. I met him after the concert by staying after. Joe knew ALL the words the mic just kept going out in the beginning. A guy ran on stage to fix it. Security was INSANE. i moved seats and my parents and their friends all got in without tickets. All three boys looked amazing. They talked about world tour and twitter. Kevin asked who was from NJ or NY and joe goes “everyone here is from NY, they migrate here.” it was cute:) They told us that their grandma and grandpa were backstage. Big rob had a purple shirt on, haha. Kevin had on black pants and a white shirt. Joe wore the 17 again premire outfit he looked amazing. Nick had on a tan shirt. They pulled a little girl named Julia on stage to sing Gotta find you. It was AMAZING.

Carla: Heyyy so I just got back from the Atlantis showw and it was absolutely spectacular! Joe wore the same thing as the 17 again premiere nick wore a beige blouse and black jeans and I forgot what kevin wore hahaha they sang the BU tour set list except can’t have you. Joe forgot the lyrics alot of the time And seemed dazed but still really energetic. No albl speech but joe tried to spin like kevin but failed miserably(: umm joe sang with a little girl in gotta find you.The whole show was super fun! They mentioned twitter and the new show.

More Photos: JonasHQ – Paradise Island, Bahamas – 04/18 – Credit JonasHQ


1 Response to “JoBros at Bahamas!”

  1. 1 kATHY
    April 19, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    lol yea that is kind of weird. MAYBE they had to rushed to the bahamas right away from that premiere of “17 Again”

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