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Jonas Brothers Live Chat Facebook in Atlanta So Many Jemi Questions!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is their recent Live Chat! (Sorry slow on Updates….) Special quests were Nicole Anderson, Wonder Girls, and Jordin Sparks!

Jemi Questions:

21:32-Joe: Will you kiss Demi in camp rock 2 Joe?
Nick: Ooo this is a really good question..this is the one….this is THE question
Kevin: Thank you!! you guys are good at asking questions! *wispers* yesyesyesyes

21:45-Nick: “Joe…if Demi and you don’t kiss it will be the end”
Kevin: “THE END …Like YOU->END”
Joe: *huge smile, looking down, blushing *drinks water*”

42:27-Nick: You know the good person in our life is Demi Lovato
Joe: Demiii
Nick: Just wrapped up her summer tour
Joe:  She just wrapped it up and we didn’t even get to see it 😦 We wanted to but we’re gonna see her in a week and a half. Camp Rock 2. We are going to see her and she is practicing her dancing. Demi is getting her dance on..She just had her b-day. We sent her a little message and I think flowers.
Nick: Tell me what’s your favorite song from Demi’s album is
Joe: Remember Decimber, Don’t Forget……I love Catch Me (about Joe??) World of Chances (about Joe, too??)
Nick: Let’s play Demi’s Catch Me
Joe: *Hands crossed around hid chest*
Nick: *Plays Catch Me*
Joe: *Hand motions*

58:57-Joe: Will you ever go on tour with Demi Lovato again?
Nick: Where’s that question?

Jemi don’t kiss it will be THE END