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Jemistry! Commenter: Josephine M


omg guys my cousin lives in toronto and she called me like 10 mintutes ago and told me she saw the whole cast go kart racing her and her boyfiend, shes older and not really into disney but she tried to get an autograph for me but she couldnt it was private or something and her boyfriend wanted to leave ,but any ways she said she recongized demi anywhere because she knows i have everything demi lol and she said she was with  the jonas boy who use to date taylor swift. off the bat i knew it was joe they were always laughing and he kept teasing her and trying to tickle her or something she asked me were they dating i said i dont really know yet and she said well a stranger would think they were and that they were cute and than she told me  how she punched her boyfriend because he kept saying demi was hott lol he said if that jonas dude dont take her i will lol my cousin doesnt lie and she rarely knows about the jemi thing she knows demi good and her music because of me but not anything else about the jemi name so i knew for a fact she isnt lying ,i think jemi maybe here are ready guys but takeing it slow their dating to me and im loving it,

Yes, I did see jemi sing This Is me together in Toronto!