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Jamming for Camp Rock 2!

So, who is ready to rock for Camp Rock 2?! ❤

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‘Cause Hugs Aren’t Overrated

Yeah, it kinda starts at—oh, just watch the whole thing! How many Jemi fans are out there in New Jersey?! ❤

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“Let’s do the un-thinkable.”

Have you been catching up on their tweets? Have you seen the interviews? The chat? ❤

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Joe and Demi Do Something!

“Come on guys, Do Something!” – @Jemi_Bard

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Jemi Teen Vogue Photoshoot!

Omg, Jemi lovers. I bet you all freaked out.  Tonight, there has been a Jemi overload! I want to say much but it’s too hard to concentrate. I’m just going to shut my trap and post the links ❤

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Demi in San Diego!

Jemi lovers! This was very unexpected! Who would have thought Demi would come to our town, San Diego?! Sorry for the slow posts. I have a handful of things to talk about but it’s just about what happened and how exciting it was. And I just don’t have the words to explain my wonderful feeling!  Demi was so fine! Like so fine I just—<3 I took a lot of pictures but I really want to upload them in full size. I uploaded this picture and I can see that you can view full size if you click on it. So I’m thinking about uploading them all here—<3 Update later!



Wouldn’t Change A Thing

I’m posting this short previews of two Camp Rock 2 songs just to get you guys pumped up again for the awesome tour that’s coming our way. A tour that will be full of amazing performances and many Jemi moments. Right now I don’t think that Joe and Demi will be seeing much of each other but that’s for the best. It will give them time to think about what went wrong in the relationship as well as time to really start to miss each other. When tour comes back around I wouldn’t be surprised if they are as close as ever. I don’t think they will date again for a while but if they do I can bet you money that they will keep it a secret a little longer this time.

“Like Fire and Rain, you can drive me insane. But I can’t stay mad at you for anything”

You don’t have to believe in them as a couple if you don’t want to , but please never stop believing in them as people. People who have strong feelings for each other and a three year history that none of us can really fully comprehend since we weren’t there. We are just fans that have been given the opportunity to watch two amazing people succeed at what they want to do in life and hopefully we will get the chance to see them be happy together in Love.

– Bard