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“he’s my first serious relationship”

Demi dished to a magazine recently more about her relationship with Joe. You can read it here as well.

Demi Lovato isn’t holding back when it comes to publicly declaring her love for Joe Jonas.

“Every time that I’ve started to date someone, I’ve had private relationships, and there’s just so much stress trying to hide it and keep it quiet, that if you just come out and say. ‘Ok, we’re together,’ you don’t have to worry about keeping it such a secret,” she gushed to Us Saturday at a press junket in Burbank, CA.

Lovato, 17, and Jonas, 20, met in 2007 on the set of the Disney channel series Camp Rock and denied dating rumors until a radio interview by Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush in March.

“It was not only scary coming out to the public eye, but also the people who we work with, the people who are going to be on tour with us all summer, who are obviously nervous – because you never know what can happen,” Lovato tells Us. “But, I think ultimately, everyone who knows us knows that we’ll always be best friends, no matter what happens.”

The singer says she and Jonas began their relationship as best friends. “We’ve always had an incredible bond, an incredible friendship,” she says. “He knows me better than I know myself, and I know him better than he knows himself.”

Lovato, who was last linked with Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace Cyrus, also attributes the first stirrings of attraction for Jonas to fans. “There’s been so many times where if it wasn’t for our fans, I don’t know if we’d be together, because they’ve opened up my eyes to seeing – because I thought I was the only one who had a crush,” she says. “And then I would see Jimmy videos online, and feel like, ‘Oh my gosh! Maybe there is something.'”

The couple recently recorded the duet “Make A Wave” for the Disney Channel movie Oceans and are slated to tour together again this summer.

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Jemi Matching Braclets

Thx amorx_joe from Twitter

Finally a closer picture of their braclets!


Jemi Off Screen Chemistry


From Oceanup:

From an anonymous Camp Rock 2 extra: The production company filming the movie was ‘Coin Flip Productions’. There was A LOT of off screen chemistry between Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. In between takes, they would constantly be holding hands, and go off on their own. All of the important cast had people hired to hold their winter jackets (Since it was very cold in Canada, and we shot very early in the morning, everyone was cold. Joe and Kevin both had UGGS :P)

Joe would always hold Demi’s jacket for her, and he would even give her his own jacket. One night on set, Joe was caressing Demi’s face, and in turn, Demi rubbed his back. These were not the only relationships going on off screen. One night, when all of the un-paid extra’s were not there, Kevin’s fiancee Danielle came on set, to watch with Mr. & Mrs. Jonas, Frankie, Maya and Mrs. Kibbel.

They were definitely talking about the wedding because I over heard them talking about dresses. Courtney Galiano and Nick Jonas had some chemistry. They were very friendly towards each other on set, and whenever we had cast dinners and such, they would always sit together. On our last night of outdoor overnight filming, all the cast ate in a huge white tent, because this would be our last meal together as many people were leaving the next day.

When he realized that the fan girls were waiting outside the tent, Courtney quickly snuck away and into the SUV without any of them seeing her, because Nick went to go greet them.

I stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Toronto, and the Jonas Brothers did in fact at time share rooms with their respected ‘girls’. Joe and Demi roomed together a few times, Nick and Courtney only once in Toronto, and every time Danielle came, she would share with Kevin. I would rather not give out too much information about the actual movie, because everyone should wait until it comes out..


Demi Wearing Joe’s glasses and Who’s That?



Is that Joe’s glasses? Who’s that guy she’s with?


Send It On Music Video Behind The Scenes TEAM JBDMS

Miley, Selena, Demi, and the Jonas Brothers give you an inside look to their environmentally friendly song for “Friends For Change”

Jemi Moments! Jemi wearing pink! Don’t Forget Send It on! I Will!

JB, Demi, and Miley and Selena should have a group name: TEAM JBDMS


Jemi Share Necklace!


Well, well, well… Look at that! Jemi are sharing necklaces! If you see this other picture of Demi with her keyboard player picking her nose, it shows her full necklace, but I think she just added her purity ring on it. Jemi Share necklaces, YAY!

Joe’s pic from:
YouTube – Much Better – Nick… falls? Maybe? Joe laughed about it at least – Jonas – Omaha

Demi’s pic: Meet my keyboard player who talked me into posting that last … on Twitpic


Demi Falls During “Until Your Mine” in Mann Music Center in Philadelphia

It starts at 1:00 and you can see that Demi laughs it off! She learned that from Joe. Tee-Hee! Such Clumsy Cuddlers….

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