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Camilla Belle Wishes Jemi The Best!

Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend Camilla Belle had this to say recently about Demi Lovato “seeing” Joe…

“I wish them all the best. Good luck to them.”

From ZackTaylor

What a Jemi Shipper….(:


Jella Finally Kiss

I love Chelsea Stuab and at least they didn’t end up together in real life… Let’s wait for Camp Rock 2 and see if  Smitchie finally kissed, too. Oh and Demi does wear a red dress in the duet inn Camp Rock 2, too…


Joe and Brenda Loose Virginity To Eachother?


From spoof:

Tween-dream sensations Brenda Song and her rumored boyfriend Joe Jonas, have revealed to me in a dream that they had had sex together, 7 months ago before Joe started dating Taylor Swift.

The rumored couple reportedly want to be more honest to their fans and want to explain why they had sex together and how they regret having sex every day.

Jonas, 19, star of the hit movie Camp Rock and a Jonas Brother and Song, 20, star of

Song confirmed to Star Magazine
that she lost her virginity to Joe, but insists that the dates several times before having sex. Brenda stated “Joe and I kept out relationship completely private. The only people who knew that we were dating were our families and best friends. Several sites suspected that we where dating but the news did not reach the tabloids and media until now.”

Song also stated “Joe and I are very guilty, we didn’t sleep at night for ages. We donated over 3 million dollars to the church and made many efforts for God to forgive us. What we did was a very awful thing which is completely against our religion and beliefs. Although many of our fans have pre-marital sex every week, we try our best to prevent our younger fans to do that. I couldn’t sleep for ages we are very guilty and deserve to burn in hell.”

Joe’s brothers, Nick and Kevin and Brenda’s BFF Selena Gomez have supported Song and Jonas’ actions. Gomez stated “Brenda and Joe have been in the church for over 80 days now, crying and praying. I think that they are clearly very upset over this. I love Brenda and Joe, they are one of my best friends and i think that they deserve to go to heaven not hell. They accept the consequences of their actions.”

It’s a Lie.


Jomilla BreakUp! YAY!


Yup, we all know they have separated but will stay friends. He also cried in Detroit. WOW, Joe, just go to Demi, duh……. Yay, I am so HAPPY, yyyayyya we all know the story. There we go. Demi’s single, he’s single, which means the go together to eliminate the singleness….. [=


Joe Jonas With Jordin Sparks’ BackUp Dancers


Joe Jonas and Jordin Sparks‘ back-up singers Leah Labelle and Rachael Lampa stroll around NYC’s SoHo district on Wednesday afternoon (July 22).

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old Jonas brother was spotted lunching with the same girls. The trio chowed down on Cuban-Mexican food at Cafe Habana in Nolita — maybe a congratulatory lunch for Rachael, who recently got engaged!

Jordin is currently on tour with the JoBros. On Friday, July 24, they’ll be performing at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia.

(Thx More Pics at Just Jared Junior!

How come we see pictures with any girl but never with Demi. They always say that they like to shop together but where’s the pictures?!


Stell KISS Joe On The Cheek!?


EWWWWWWWWWWW! I love Chelsea Staub but not Stella with Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a stiil of a new episode on J.O.N.A.S- ‘Love Sick’. How come on Disney they show this, but when Joe lissed Demi on the cheek on Camp Rock they didn’t….. Disney, Disney, Disney. They disappoint us…………)=


JOMILLA Yougurt Date!?


Don’t you guys just love my editing of PerezHilton’s doodle on Jomilla! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I thought they were OVER! JEMI! Ya, just go to, I’m to lazy to talk about what they did….ANNOYING!