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Jemi is Mars and Venus!

Oh my! I can’t believe I missed this earlier on Tyra. Is that girl a Jemi fan or what?! I am just so thankful for her asking such a question with some Joe and Demi on the side. ;3 ❤

“His Mars is conjunct to her Venus.” – that guy in the blue shirt who explained it in a good way. ;3 ❤

Oh my goodness. Doesn’t it make you giggle? ;3 ❤

P.S.: Sorry for late posts! I know there are more stuff that should be posted and they will. They would be all in one post because I assume that most of you already heard or saw it. So don’t worry, they will be posted!

By the way, thoughts, hearts and prayers for Demi and her family. ❤

Updates on this post later!


“Like I said, we’re best friends.” – Demi

I know, I know the title isn’t that clever but the article is! Aw, our precious—oh just read the whole thing here!

“Honestly, it’s all about how comfortable we are with each other,” she said. “He’s seen me with sweatpants on and with no makeup. I’ve seen him at his worst and his best. It’s great. Like I said, we’re best friends.”

And! Mdot is such a Jemi shipper <3:

“I think they’re going to last,” he said at the Last Song premiere. “They’re a great couple. They understand each other.”

Love how they are comfortable with each other. They don’t need to be all up in each others business or have to worry about who they hang with. From the song, “What’s Love?”: “What’s love got to do with it? It’s about us. It’s about trust, babe.” ;3 ❤

Oh! You all know who said this ;3:

“I’m really proud of her. It’s really amazing. She totally deserves this and this is a dream role for her. It’s great people are going to see her do different things.” ❤


Camilla Belle Wishes Jemi The Best!

Joe Jonas’ ex-girlfriend Camilla Belle had this to say recently about Demi Lovato “seeing” Joe…

“I wish them all the best. Good luck to them.”

From ZackTaylor

What a Jemi Shipper….(:


Kevin’s Wedding & Kissing Scene Talk With Bop


From Bop:

Apparently, there was a rumor that Demi Lovato was going to be a bridesmaid at Kevin Jonas‘ wedding with Danielle Deleasa. BOP! asked Dem what the story was: ‘I have not been asked to be in the wedding. If I was asked, I’d say yes, but only if I could be the flower girl.’

They also asked about Nick Jonas‘ rumored kissing scene in Camp Rock 2 with Chloe Brides: ‘I don’t think it will happen. The big talk is about a Joe and Demi kissing scene. There is a big blank spot in the script.’


Magda and Christine “MY WHOLE CAMP ROCK 2 MOVIE EXPERIENCE: October 1st, 2009”


First, OH MY EFFING GOSH. I know, some people think, it’s NO BIGGIE and I’m just a friggin extra. But really, there’s more behind that. This is a really big thing for me. Because first, I’m into acting/performing arts and second, WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE JONAS BROTHERS HERE! It doesn’t happen a lot of times. It was an opportunity to grab! So, anyway. Let’s start with the story…

So my friend registered for me with her. I couldn’t get in so I was just like, “Yeah, whatever!” Then morning of October 1st, she texted me and she was like, “BABBBYY!! WE GOT IN FOR TONIGHT!” So yadda yadda yadda. We signed forms then worked things out. You have absolutely NO idea how much trouble I got into. Had to change my dentist appointment, had to leave school early, had to miss a quiz and stuff like that. So when me and friend Maha, got to Downsview, Toronto, we started freaking out cuz we were ALMOST there. When we were in the registration section, they told us that I couldn’t go because I’m too young and that chaperons were supposed to be 21yrs old. Maha is 18 so she didn’t need one. But I did! So I got teary eyed (who wouldn’t?). So we tried to work things out, called my aunts/uncles but they all had work. But Maha told Dahlia (a lady at the registration section) that she emailed Coin Flip asking if she could chaperon a 15 yr. old (me) and got an email back saying that Maha could. So Maha brought me with her. Dahlia asked if Maha had a print out copy of the email so she said no. Why would she, anyway? But Maha said that if she has an access to a computer and internet, she could show them the email. Good thing, there was a guy at the registration who had his laptop. He reviewed his email and found out that he did say yes. He CLEARLY said on the email that Maha can chaperon me. And plus, my forms were ALL signed by my mother (thank you). They had no choice but to let me go! When we got our wristbands, it was official. We were going to the movie set! OMFG! A coach bus took us to the location. I’m not gonna say where but it was an awesome place. So when we got there, we were sent into a tent. It was FREEZING cold! We waited for like an hour inside then FINALLY we got called to go in the amphitheatre. The place where they were filming. Mine and my friends’ seats were awesome. Front-ish row – middle. Basically, right in front of the stage!!! Soo, 15 mins later, we see these 3 boys walking and I was just like, “KEVIN! NICK! JOE!” They sat NEAR us. Maybe 10 feet away? I couldn’t take my eyes off them, DUH?! Then Alyson, Ana Maria, and Jasmine came. Then Demi came 5 or 10 minutes later. So we started filming the whole scene. Then there was one scene they were filming, Demi, Alyson, Ana Maria and Jasmine were on stage, they were just there standing so people got really bored. Including me. So, I gave Alyson two thumbs up and she gave me one back then she nudged Jasmine and my friend and I waved then she waved back! OMFG, we just got star-strucked. LOL. The scene they were filming went FOREVER! In between takes, me and my friend did really funny/crazy things. Kevin and Nick kept looking at our side. LMFAO! I find that very unbelievable but it really did happen!

It was 3 degrees last night and I was wearing v-neck short sleeves shirt! I know, stupid! They didn’t want us to wear our coats so we got really cold! Filming began and stopped then began and stopped for basically 4 hours. We got really bored and COLD! I couldn’t feel my legs and feet!!! So, from behind me, I heard this assistant director saying that the boys and Demi are gonna do something for us — they were gonna sing for us. Technically, a FREE and PRIVATE concert! Maha and I just freaked that we sounded like little school girls. LMFAO. So, they sang Lovebug, Get Back and SOS. It got really crazy. LOL.

Soo, things happened. Filming started again. Then the stairs beside us got really crowded because people wanted to take a bathroom break. I looked to my left and saw Roshon Fegan (Sander). Maha and I talked to him. I couldn’t think of anything to say so I was just like, “Hey Roshon! Are you Filipino?” He was SO normal (it’s a good thing) and he was like, “Yeah!” I couldn’t help it but I was just like, “YEEEEEAH!” LMFAO! So that was like my mini-greet and meet. LOL.

And one more thing, there was A LOT of Jemi moments. NOT ON CAMERA! They all looked amazing. Of course. And I know, I’m not supposed to talk about what’s gonna happen but there was one dancing scene. No, it wasn’t the Jonas’ or Demi’s. But the song was really catchy and I guess, Nick couldn’t help it but it made him dance. LMFAO.

Well, that’s it. I am NOT really sure if I’m going to be IN the movie. It depends on the director. If he likes OUR scene, then I’m probably gonna be in the movie. If he doesn’t, oh well. At least, I had another Jomazing day. 😀

Jonas + Demi + other = LOVE. 😀 ♥


Jemi Take Picture With Fans On The Set Of Camp Rock 2




Mdot Loves Jemi

degrassi premiere 270809

Today, Mdot Finley told on his live chat that he is a jemi fan and thinkd Joe and Demi looks awsome together…

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