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This Just IN: Camp Rock Sequel Being Written RIGHT NOW!


The Jonas Brothers and Demi are for sure going to be in Camp Rock 2 as well as Frankie Jonas, according to one of Disney Channel’s exec. It will be shooting this year and will be airing next year. I might even make it to the big screen. Bad news is that we have to wait that long! Good news is that JEMI will last long! (thx TWIST)

Hey TWIST girls,
OMJ! We hung out with the casts of Disney Channel’s JONAS and Sonny with a Chance on Friday, and a Disney Channel exec spilled major scoop about the Camp Rock sequel! Turns out, JB and Demi are on board as of now, the flick will be released next year, and it may even be big screen!

Here’s the Q & A with Gary Marsh, Disney Channel’s President of Entertainment:

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Demi Lovato ‘Lo Que Soy’ NEW MUSIC VIDEO On The Set


Demi Lovato looks georgous sitting on the piano on the set of her upcoming music video in Los Angeles on th January 18, the day before the the inaugural concert.

Demi Lovato gets into her Hispanic heritage by singing ” Lo Que Soy”, which is a Spanish version of Camp Rock’s “This is Me”. This is Demi Lovato’s first song that she has to translate in Spanish.

She looks lovely wearing that RED DRESS with HIGH HEELS . She sure is BURNIN’ Up for Joe Jonas.

More pictures Under!( thx In some pictures, she kinda looks like Vanessa Hudgens, or is it just her hair?

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Joe and Kevin Arriving at LAX


Joe and Kevin were spotted at LAX heading to Detroit. Nick and Frankie came later. Is Joe still trying to find his look for Demi?

More Pictures Under! (thx JonasHQ)

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Demi Lovato Arrives at Washington DC


Not one to be left out, Demi Lovato was spotted arriving in Washington DC last night (January 18), a couple days ahead of the big Barack Obama Inauguration.

The Disney Darling looked excited as she deplaned, sporting oversized sunglasses along with a black leather jacket, grey dress, black stockings, and black leather boots as she made her way to her car.

Don’t Forget to watch the Kids’ Inaugural: We are the Future on Disney Channel at 8! Jemi Moments!

More Pictures and Information Under! (thx for pictures and information)

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Jonas Brothers LIVE CHAT


The Jonas Brothers had their LIVE CHAT at Nick finally smiled with his TEETH for his fans. They read thier Camp Rock 2 script and admitted that they will be there, as well as Demi Lovato. ( Joe looked depressed. Maybe because they didn’t talk about Demi that much or maybe because she wasn’t there) :( Anyways, Joe finally had his drivings license! ( Maybe he can impress Demi with his driving skills with his very own car) They sang songs. Honor Society, Frankie, their band, Big Rob, Papa and Mama Jonas were special guests. But someone was missing, DEMI LOVATO! The Live chat felt like it wasn’t for the fans at all. It looked like they were promoting a lot. That was why they didn’t get to answer that muck questions. (I bet Joe was reading JEMI questions!) They had to leave early because thay had a charity concert thay had to go to. In the end of the live chat,  they forgot to turn off their camera. Haha!

Full Live Chat Videos Under! (thx Ying, hisatotea for videos)

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Tiger Beat got all your favorite stars spill on the do’s, don’ts, and OMG’s of FLIRTING!


Joe Jonas: If he pays attention to you more than your friends and goes out of his way to talk to you.

(Yup that sounds like Joe who does that to Demi A LOT!!!!!)

Demi Lovato:  You can tell if someone is flirting with you if they put smiley faces in their text messages or if they call you. I flirt by making stupid jokes- I just hope it charms them.

(Demi usually makes stupid jokes in front of Joe, and vice versa. I bet they even text each other smiley faces. Hmmm we are getting somewhere. Hahaha)

More Teen March Scans of the Jonas Brothers Under! (thx

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Demi Lovato at 2009 Winter TCA Tour Day 10 with SONNY WITH A CHANCE CAST!

2009 Winter TCA Tour Day 10 1

Demi Lovato, with fellow cast mates from ” Sonny With A Chance”, attended 2009’s Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour from Disney/ ABC Television Group portion at the Universal Hilton Hotel on January 16, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The Jonas Brothers also attended with their “JONAS” cast. I guess Joe really wanted Demi there sitting next to him, so he can feel “comfortable”. (thx for pictures)

More Under!

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