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Demi/Joe/Camilla:’When It Was Me’ & ‘Breath Me’ Fan Vids!

watch in HQ!
yes! my second joe/demi video.. well sort of
cause camilla is in it too..
lol it took almost twoo days to make because
i could hardly find any clips of camilla.. there are so little!

anyways you can tell the plot from the lyrics; demi and joe were together but now joe is with camilla; and demi is wondering why joe would choose someone like camilla over her and she reminisces about when she was with joe.
It’s a really sad plot and i did the best i could
with wmm 🙂

song:when it was me
artist:paula deanda

– comments are greatly appreciated !

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so basically, i have absolutely no idea what the actual meaning of this video is. i guess you can go ahead and decide that for yourself. xD

song: breathe me (instrumental version)
artist: sia

no copyright infringement intended; i own nothing but the editing.

fun fact for the day? i love the O.C.
which i’m going to go watch right now. (:

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Thx t0 Bridget Renee for sending Jemistry! the two videos!


Demi/Joe/Camilla: I Can’t See Why

Here’s a fan made video of Demi/Joe/Camilla with the song I Can’t See Why, by Baxter. Video made by jonassssnap.

next video will be happy, i promise. xD
the last twenty seconds of this one are my favorite.

and please, if you feel the urge to say something rotten about camilla, try to hold yourself back.

song: i can’t see why
artist: baxter

no copyright infringement intended; i own nothing but the editing.

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Jemi – Kiss Me Thru the Phone

Here’s a fan made video of Jemi with the song Kiss me Thru the Phone, by Soulja Boy. Video made by freakyshows.

-Jemi (joe and demi)
This is a story about how Joe kisses Demi through the phone every time he thinks about her.
Watch the whole video!
Camilla sucks a lot.
hate her hate her hate her.
that effing camel toe. NIPPLES. JOE AND DEMI FOREVER

I DO NOT OWN THE SONG-kiss me thru the phone.
or the vids and pics. i just compiled it alll together.
i already had two vids deleted cuz i didnt state that i didnt own some of these things….

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Have any fan vids, send them. (^-^)