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Demi and Justin Bieber Met

Hahaha…..They had a little chat on twitter….


Celebrity Check: Varsity Fanclub!


(Left to Right): Jayk Purdy, Drew Ryan Scott, David Lei Brandt, Thomas Fiss, Bobby Edner

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YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! Varsity Fanclub! The JemistryTeam got to catch Varsity Fanclub in Mission Hills High school. Varsity Fanclub sang at Mission Hills High school during lunch since the school won for voting the most to get Varsiety fanclub to visit! Most of the people did not know they were coming. It was a suprise! Varsiey Fanclub through pins, shirts, and towels! The JemistryTeam, which is us, got a towel and even touched their arms while giving us posters!pict0001

Above is the pic of the towel and poster! Unfortunately, we didn’t get their siggys:(

One of our JemistryTeam members fell because the huge crowd from behind was pushing but she got the chance to get help from Drew Ryan Scott and she got to hold on to his left arm! He told everyone to calm down. :]