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jemi cuteness on the beach!

Jemi are adorable in this video taken when Demi visited Joe on the set of JONAS! So cute!



Jemi Support Kevin Minute to Win it!

Again, where do I begin? So Demi and Miley got to kick it earlier that day. Aw, what good friends they are! After that cool happening, Demi drove to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas’ house to meet up with Joe. Then the pretty two joined Nick and Nicole to support Kevin in Minute to Win It!

Aw, they are so utterly precious when together. This picture is a favorite among the Jemi lovers at twitter! Look at Joe’s face. Can you tell me what was he was thinking? It’s one of those smirks that I love catching. ;3 ❤

And did you guys catch their tweets?! Of course you did! Haha, my heart was thumping when I didn’t know what was going on! ;3 ❤

“I laughed so hard I cried 4 times today. Today was the best ever.. Ever ever ever.” – DL ❤

There are more things going on in the rest of the other pictures! Demi’s luscious hair, Joe’s hot hair, Demi’s shirt buttoned when she arrived, unbuttoned when they left, Joe’s shorts changed to pants, Joe checking Demi’s apple bottoms—check them out! And at JJJ! There are many more links to look at but they’ll be posted later!

So as a result, they all had a lovely day. ;3 ❤

Btw, here’s the “Can’t Back Down” music video which many of you already seen! ;3 ❤


Jemi Movie Date!

My eyebrows are going up and down, are yours?! So was this movie date after the SWAC filming or last night?! I am not sure yet! Well the link to the rest of the pics are not working but I’m sure most of you saw it already! You know where to find them! ;3 ❤

These are just some tweets:

“notice how when papz are right in front of their faces taking pics, Jemi doesn’t hold hands…” – @whoajemi

“So the Jemi Movie date rumor was true. Cool beans. Demi looks hot but always mad when people take pics. I guess she wants Joe for herself” – @Jemi_Bard

“soo if they were together lastnight that mean demi was with joe when he did the 20 question game aaa thats why she laught soo hard lastnight” – @franciinii

Updates later! ;3 ❤

Update: Posting the video that you all have watched! Here is the original video link. Haha, the doors didn’t open. Don’t you just love Demi’s laugh?! And who watched SWAC?! Demi did so hot on her performance and I saw Joe’s clean hand so clearly. ;3 Oh! Here is the link to the rest of the pictures! And who read the tweets? ;3 ❤

“I love the sound of rain hitting my roof. Gonna light some candles, put on some music and hop into the bath tub.. #ilovesundays” – DL ❤

Then few moments later: “I liked this day.” and “I Never had a dream come true – steve wonder” “Stevie* :/” – JJ ❤

The song is so “AWWWW”!!! Please do listen to it here! So meant for lovely her. ;3 ❤


“Perfect Saturday afternoon.” – Demi

Again, it’s late on posting! Oh my, where do I begin?! Kissing as in lips touching? Joe’s biting lips along with an intense stare? Demi’s hands all over his back? Sweet swaggers? ❤ They were at the Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Hollywood. Just read this first:

The duo couldn’t keep their hands off each other apparently and were seen kissing, hugging and smiling while getting a few herbal drinks in the store. How cute are they?!

Gosh, so cute indeed. There are so many more pictures. Why did I choose this picture to post? I just want to create ooze of excitement for those who didn’t see it yet. But then again, who hasn’t? Okay, some people but go on! Click, click!

Credit to JustJaredJr! Read more :

So from tweets and tweets, Joe and Demi were also as the Honor Society concert! And some say that they kissed…AWWWWW!!! This mind of mine has a spot full of naughty thoughts running all over. You? ;3 ❤

“Driving around, dancing like fools, trying to make as many people to smile as we can. Perfect Saturday afternoon.” – DL ❤


Kid’s Choice Awards 2010

Thank you Angelgurl

I’m not even going to bother talking about the waste of time that the KCA’s were. Thank God for Jemi or it would have been the most boring show on TV. Thank you Camera Guy 3 for being a Jemi fan.


Joe Visits Demi!

Aw! Our very handsome gentleman, Joe, paid a visit to our very beautiful sweet girl, Demi!

The duo were joined by Joe at the family night get together. Earlier in the day, Joe was also seen attending a Reality LA church service with a couple of friends.

After spending the day with family, Joe headed off to girlfriend Demi Lovato’s home while newlyweds Kevin and Danielle headed out to dinner at The Grove.

But then we should all know that Demi was at a Maylene & The Sons of Disaster show, according to her tweets. And Joe had a “roomie dinner night” with his crew. So, it looks like he paid a visit before she went to the show. ;3
And who utterly loves Demi’s tweet after the show? ❤ : Saw a shooting star tonight. Didn’t know what to wish for because I couldn’t ask for more. 🙂 Anyone else see it?

LA HOB Date!

Holding it down hard at LA HOB with:

@joejonas @xchadballx @cmpunk @yelyahwillams @steveisdareason @canomaster @Ddlovato


steveisthreason’s tumblr!

So, our pretty couple had a date. Oh the thoughts we can and can not handle. ;D ❤ And that naked guy isn’t creepy! It’s supposed to be all for fun!

Updated: There’s a short clip of them in here! And this tweet is something good from what you guys are saying!

Update #2!: Sorry guys, for always updating a post!

On Elis’s tumblr, you can see Joe’s lips. Demi’s lips are equaling pink to our eyes, so are Joe’s. Maybe Joe was eating some pink or red ice cream, popsicle, candy? Yeah, right. ;3

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