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Demi’s Mother Source For Zack Taylor

From Zack Taylor:


For those following me on Twitter, there was a lot of drama late last night, and here is the post I promised after much debate – Please watch the video below before you begin reading all this…

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For those following me on Twitter, there was a lot of drama late last night, and here is the post I promised after much debate – Please watch the video below before you begin reading all this…

A couple weeks ago exclusively reported that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas were dating. We reported this news based on inside information given to us by a source very close to Demi – Since this website has started, has always kept our sources private and confidential; There is no need to release names as that is how this gossip business works and how we continue to get insider information. I have never said the names of ANY of my sources and would never think to reveal a source unless it was in a situation that could hurt my career / reputation and those of my co-workers…

Rewinding for a bit… Some of the MANY text messages we got from our source confirming “JEMI” said the following:
“Demi and Dirk are NOT dating!!”

“They (Joe and Demi) are taking it slow is a really good way to put it, but you didn’t hear that from me!!! And he didn’t spend the nite. I don’t know who confirmed that. And Dirk was out a long time ago!!!”

“they are meant for each other!!!!! don’t you dare say I SAID THAT!!!”

“God I hope not. She has loved him since the first camp rock!!! Been fun talking to ya but gotta turn my phone off my planes takin off now!!! We will talk soon I’m sure!!!”

“you gotta be patient cuz no rep is gonna confirm it i can assure you!”

“I’m trusting you zack. I’m already a suspect and I’m close to being in trouble. I gotta lay low now. you only know the truth and ppl will see that.”

“It’ll die down in a couple days, then the truth will come and ppl will then say “OMG he was telling the truth!” Then they’ll respect u even more.”
However, last night a circumstance came-up that put our website & business in a jeopardizing position – Either we reveal our source, or lose all credibility, something that is hard to come by in the blogging world with so many sites. I am never one to go against my word, and all my other inside celebrity sources have ALWAYS trusted me (and hopefully still do as they should), however, I do not take to threats very kindly like most people I know. As I always say, I will do everything to help someone in this industry, and give them my full trust until they try and f**k me over!!

The story goes that an unknown website that is also in communication with our source planted lies and told our source yesterday some wrong information that got our source worked-up to the boiling point. Our source sent me the following text message (and a couple others that I will not post) soon after receiving these lies:

“I deserved to know what kind of person you really are. Please stop talking about our family!!!! I was only trying to be a friend to you. Please just go away!!!! Leave me alone!!!”

Right after, Demi Lovato private Twittered me that if I do reveal my source that she would take to her own Twitter and report that her and Joe were not dating and fans would think I was telling a complete lie, thus ruining my credibility & reputation.
Honestly, I can understand why my insider (and Demi) would be upset and feeling betrayed, however, it was just another lie told to them to try and get them to spill the beans and create a story – They should have known better and not taken their fustration out / bashed me in the process of finding out the truth!!
So what am I to do – Sit around and let my site be made a fool of?? Cry wolf of a story and have my readers never trust me again?? Or, report the truth and hopefully people will see this story for what it is and not be upset or think of me as a backstabber to my source??
Maybe I am the bad guy here?? Ahhhh!!
Doing the right thing after much debate, I messaged my source and explained the situation, and how I was now obligated to my readers to report something since everyone was following this dramatic case VERY closely. I have even left out some messages and convos from this post to further protect the people this is about. I also didn’t want to lose my integrity over one story, and told my source that the threats were uncalled for and put me in a bad position with EVERYONE… My source replied back with the following:

“Well because of the Twitter thing I had to tell demi the truth. I told her that i did talk to you.”

“Zack there is nothing I can do to help anything. I’ve been sick about this all nite. I don’t know what to tell you.”

“If you reveal your sources no one will ever talk to you again.”

“what do you feel you need to tell your readers? That I was the one who told you demi and joe were dating? Is that what you want to tell them? do what you want.”

After telling my source that I planned to come clean and for the first time in my career actually reveal whom my insider was, I got a bunch of private Twitter messages from Demi Lovato herself over the course of the night:



[I cut out some messages that do not need to be shown]

These messages made me speechless… Never have I ever felt so emotional about a story, nor have I ever wanted to hurt Demi or her family… But I had to come clean, expec. after all the hurtful messages coming my way & my promise to my readers!!

So, there you have it, the TRUTH… My source was none other than Demi Lovato’s own mother, Dianna Delagarza!!

She confirmed to me that Joe and Demi were taking it slow & everything else you read above and in my previous blog posts on “JEMI”. She has also since told me that they are going to try and see where stuff goes once Joe is back in L.A. since it’s hard for them to talk a lot since when Joe goes to bed, Demi is just waking up – The time difference is very hard on them but they are trying as much as they can. However, the good news is that JEMI is alive, confirmed by Demi’s own mother, and hopefully works out once Joe comes home!!

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If You Havn’t Seen The Comments from Blarg….


Wednesday October 14th. The best night of my life!

What could be better than a night full of filming, music, and your favourite celebrities? For me, nothing, and this night was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
It all started two weeks ago. The stars of Camp Rock tell us that we can apply to be extras in the movie. My awesome friend, Minha, and I, struggle to get in. Believe me, it was NOT easy. Two weeks of stress, anxiousness and confusion is definitely not good AT ALL, but after all of our hard work, we got a confirmation to go the filming of the movie and be in it!
At about 4:30, we started driving to the location of their offices. As soon as we got there, we had to give in our forms, put on our wristbands (which I have kept as a souvenir :D ) and then take a bus all the way to the filming location. Once we were there, they put us in a tent with the other extras and gave us this awesome snack box provided by Kellogs. Strangest dinner I’ve ever had! After freezing in that tent for like an hour or something, they told us it was time to go to set. We followed the people into the amphitheatre, and it all begun…
Okay, so the amphitheatre was AWESOME. It was pitch black and you could see the stars in the sky, the lights were so cool and they had these two screens that were playing some behind the scenes of the movie. I can’t tell you anything about what we actually filmed, as far as the story goes, but I’ll tell you that this movie is probably going to be great!!
Anyways, when we got our seats, we were in the DIRECT center, a little far back. We weren’t in the direct front but I LOVED my seat because I was RIGHT BEHIND THE CAMERA! Also, the camera on the crane would go RIGHT above our heads. Being the directing obsessed person I am, I took more attention to the cameras and filming guys instead of the fact that Kevin and Frankie Jonas, as well as some of the dancers, were already on stage. Kevin kept drinking his starbucks (lol) and Frankie was really cute. Eventually, we started recognizing more people. I saw Alyson Stoner, Roshon, Shorty (this dancer who is amazing!) Anna Maria and Jasmine. I also saw one more person and recognized her instantly. My idol from over a year and half ago, COURTNEY GALIANO !!! She was one of the finalists on So You Think You Can Dance Season 4, and I’ve been in love with her ever since. As soon as I found out she was a choreographer and dance teacher and dancer in this movie, I freaked. As soon as I found out she was a close friend of Demi and the Jonas Brothers, I also freaked. So when I saw her on stage I was sooo happy!
Anyways, after a little while, the director started telling us what we were going to do. Then finally, DEMI, JOE AND NICK CAME OUT! It was INCREDIBLE to see them all UP CLOSE! All of them were freezing in their coats haha, and so were we, but we had to take them off for the scene we were shooting.
Now, let me tell you, we got the BEST POSSIBLE SCENE EVER! Not some stupid dance number or like Tess and her mean girls thing. We got the one of the numbers in the FINALE! The song was SOOOO good!
Basically, this is how it went down. Joe and Demi started going up the stairs, and everyone was like OMGGGG and then Demi went one way and Joe went the other, to opposite ends of the stage. JOE CAME TO OUR SIDE! Joe was RIIIIGHT in front of me! Like, not even a meter away. Honestly, I could see the details on his hair perfectly. He gave us a wave too! Demi was sooo sweet on her side too. My mom was sitting in that side, and she got the perfect view of Demi the whole time. I was pretty jealous because Demi started hugging the people and signing autographs (Joe seemed either cold, tired, or grumpy. He didn’t really pay that much attention, or Demi is just way too nice). The director yelled my FAVORITE words, “aaand action!” and it all started!
So this is what I can tell you of the scene. It starts out with Joe and Demi singing to eachother, alone, in this really pretty melody (god their voices give me chills!) and then basically it turns into a group number with ALL of the cast and dancers. Since Joe was RIGHT in front of us, I’m pretty sure we got CAUGHT ON THE FILM! So I bet you can see us in the movie! Joe and Demi’s chemistry was great (as always) and the number was sooo cool! I really was glad we got this scene!
After that, they ran the scene a few more times. I was having a blast!
Next, they wanted to film another scene, which I really can’t explain without giving it away, so I won’t tell you. It was really awesome though!
Okay, so then the most amazing thing happened. They switched us over to the FRONT SEATS! So we were RIGHT up close!!! They did the same number a few more times, and this time we got to see Demi and Joe right in the front close to us, and all the dancers! I actually still have the song stuck in my head haha! What’s so awesome is that they filmed ONLY our side (the audience) again, so I bet I got caught in TWO places in the movie! At least I hope so! When you see the movie when it comes out, look for me! All of this awesome filming kept going until we finally had to leave.
Now, don’t think I’m going to end this here. Besides the amazing filming going on, I got to see JEMI action happening RIGHT in front of my eyes. Seriously guys, they were GLUED to each other. I don’t think anyone else on set was connected like they were. They wouldn’t stop talking or standing next to eachother! There were so many Jemi moments! Besides talking all the time, they were laughing and I think they were like competing or something at first, because they kept going like WHAAAT! And like BAM in front of eachother. It was really funny because like, Joe kept doing these weird things like going down on one knee (demi would laugh and like push him away. I think he was proposing! I think they were trying to see who could get the most screams from the audience). Not only that, but there were so many cute things they did. They had to keep hugging at the end of the scene, and at the last two times they did it, Demi put her leg up (like when you’re in heaven, you know?) which was really cute. They were always really really close to each other too. At one point, they HELD HANDS! I was like killing myself, like imagine…Jemi obsessed fan gets to see Jemi moments UP CLOSE. It was like six dreams coming true at once. Joe also put his arm around Demi once too! One more awesomely cute thing happened too (I actually missed it! Everyone around me was like AWWW and im like WHAT? And they’re like omg you just missed it!) Okay, so Demi had to wear a DRESS right. And it was FREEZING! Like I felt SO bad for the girl. Every time they finished the scene all the actors and dancers would get their coats back and stuff, and Demi was the only one wearing a dress (it was really pretty too :D when she came out with it the first time everyone was like WOOOO! I bet joe loved it too). Anyways, the poor girl was freezing, so when they took her jacket off again, Joe came and put his hands on her shoulders from the back and rubbed them to keep her warm! I am so mad I missed it but I can totally picture it in my head! When they were filming only the dancers and stuff, Joe and Demi were waiting to go on and kept talking and laughing, and I got to see them right up close doing that! It was sooo great because their faces were facing me and they were really having a good time. I still can’t believe I saw them up close. Anyways, the Jemi flirtation was nonstop and I really think they are dating (they weren’t spotted alone at ten different places for nothing you know…so all of those news we got about them being alone, I really think those were their dates and that they are together. They wouldn’t stop flirting!)
So you’re probably thinking “o cool she saw them up close, big woop.” Yeah well, I didn’t mention above that we got 16 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. THAT’S RIGHT! Let me name them for you.
Demi waved at us SIX TIMES! SIX! More than any other person. And she waved at Minha and I PERSONALLY! So the first wave, we were like waving at her like crazy and screaming and she like put her first in the air (kinda like a YEAHH ROCK ON) and we freaked out because we were the only ones in the section waving and she was smiling at us! The second time, she waved to our entire section because we kept screaming for her. The third time was my FAVORITE. So Joe and Demi were in their positions at opposite ends of the stage, and everyone had to be quiet and stuff. Minha and I kept waving at Demi anyways. She saw us for like, the longest time, and then finally she smiled and gave us a quick wave (because they had to start the scene). That wave was JUST for us and obviously I went nuts like a crazy fan girl. It’s funny, you can dislike a celebrity, but just seeing them live makes you act like a crazy person. Anyways, the other two waves from Demi were during the scene when she would walk towards our section. We made like DIRECT eye contact each time! It was awesome!
So besides the SIX (SIX!!!) waves from Demi, Joe also waved at us twice (since we were right behind him right?). We chanted Kevin’s name during the end and he gave us a wave too! My section and I screamed “WE LOVE YOU BIG ROB” and Big Rob waved and smiled at us as well! Alyson Stoner gave us a wave, and so did Roshon and Jordan (Roshon like saluted us, haha!). We also screamed “SHORTY!” and Shorty waved at us. Out of nowhere, the guy who plays Uncle Brown walked past us and was like “HEY!” and everyone was like “huh?” then looked around and saw him and started screaming. I got one last acknowledgement that was definitely one of the best (along with Demi’s waves!). Not a lot of people knew who Courtney was obviously (everyone around me was like WHO IS THIS COURTNEY YOU KEEP SCREAMING ABOUT) so when she was walking up the steps on the side during the break in between the scene, Minha and I screamed “COURTNEY!” She looked up like “huh, who’s screaming for ME?” and saw us and we were waving like maniacs and she waved back. I like freaked, and then screamed “I THINK YOU CAN DANCE!” and then SHE STARTED LAUGING OUT LOUD and was like “THANKS!”. Minha was like “omg naseem she just laughed at you!” and I was like in shock. I was SOO happy! Courtney Galiano laughed at what I said :D Wooo!! Seriously though, I LOVE HER. If you ask like anyone that I’ve spazzed about her to, they will agree. She was just as amazing as she’s always been! So yeah, we got 16 acknowledgments. Six from Demi (haha I think she really knew who we were everytime, because we wouldn’t stop waving at her. At one point everyone started singing Here We Go Again and Demi started dancing like a maniac haha! Really cute and funny!), two from Joe, then one from Alyson, Shorty, Uncle Brown (forgot the name of his actor) Kevin, Big Rob, Roshon, Jordan, and Courtney ( especially more now that she talked to me!)! Besides the people that actually waved at us, I also saw, up close, Chloe Bridges (new cast member), Nick (he was playing drums in the scene. It was really cool because at one point, the fans would sing one of their songs and he would play along on drums or on piano. At one point, when he was walking around, we all sang “a Little bit longer” to him and he was really happy and thankful. The JB also performed When You Look Me In the Eyes for us. They sing amazing live! Riiiight Minha?? :P ) Mdot (new cast member), Meaghan Jette Martin (there’s a big surprise we got about Tess in this movie, but I can’t tell you heehee), Anna Maria and Jasmine.
Everything I wanted was all in one night. Being able to see a scene being shot, watching the cameras go around and hearing the director’s orders. Meeting all my favourite celebrities (like getting waves and TALKING to Courtney Galiano!!!), and getting them to sing and perform for me. And finally, being IN a movie! That’s like three major dreams of mine put together! And we got the best possible scene too! All the stars together, with a song that Shane and Mitchie duet! I can’t wait to see the movie (UGH! IT COMES OUT IN JUNEEEE NOOOO SO FAR AWAY) and seeing if I can find myself in there! Seriously, If I’m in the same shot as like Joe or Demi (which I might actually be in) I will freak! I got two great views, one from the middle center, and one from the front.
All this together, and you get the best night of my life.

Thx Blarg!


JEMI FINALLY TOGETHER?! [Confirmed by Source]


Joe Jonas has apparently moved on after his split from actress Camilla Belle. He is reportedly dating his Camp Rock co-star Demi Lovato.

The Disney sensations grew close after appearing in the movie together and they are scheduled to share a movie set again when Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam goes before cameras.

However, the pair is rumored have more than a working relationship.

Joe, 20, was caught recently apparently publicly displaying his affection for 17-year-old Lovato on a double date at a Toronto, Canada restaurant with older brother Kevin and Kevin’s fiancee Danielle Deleasa.

A source says, “They’re more than just friends.”

Belle and Jonas, who previously romanced Taylor Swift, ended their romance in July.

Thx news

Do you think it’s a rumour or the truth?


Non-Jemi: Congrats Kevin and Danielle!



Kevin Jonas is engaged to marry his longtime girlfriend Danielle Deleasa. From Kevin Sr. & Denise Jonas: Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle Deleasa for her..

..hand in marriage. Her answer was yes and it is such a blessing that she will be joining our family. Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband.

Maybe JEMI can be bridesmaid and bestman in the wedding!

Hey everyone! it’s Pamela! I just wanna congratulate Kevin Jonas and and future Danielle Jonas!!! God bless them and please comment this post and I’ll send the comments to him!!! Thanks!!!


Non-Jemi: I Won’t Forget Michael Jackson!

Non-Jemi, but I send my blessings and prayers to the families who have lost such talented and inspiring people this year and the year before. I am upset and still shocked that Kinkg of Pop, Michael Jackson died from a cardiac arrest……He is in a better place along with Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon. I don not believe that he was a child molester because since he was such a big star, many people wanted to get his money and sue him and make rumours…. I will always remember him. People shouldn’t of laughed at his skin cancer, vitiligo…. and since it is a disorder that causes its skin to loose color, the doctor recommended for him if  it was okay if he can turn his skin into one complextion, which would be white. His father used to call him BIG NOSE, not supportive. I LOVE HIM!


Joe and Demi GYM DATE?


Since Joe LOVES workin out those biceps and triceps and all his muscles, I bet he’s helping Demi out in the Gym, too since they did have dinner together!

Jemistry’sJustSayin’: Sorry for not updating Quick…..So busy, but i’ll try to catch up!


Dean Kelly Project! Where Old Hollywood Meet New Hollywood!


V-Factory announced that they have a project going down with Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. READ MORE FOR MORE INFO!……………

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