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“I’ll turn another page, won’t close the Book”

Of course by now you all should know that Joe and Demi have decided to split up and end their relationship as Boyfriend and Girlfriend. In the People article that Joe announced the breakup in he said that it was his way of saving their friendship.

Now there are many rumors going around on twitter and other internet sites about what could have caused them to split so suddenly from what appeared to be a very loving relationship. We here at Jemistry aren’t going to try to speculate on the cause, but we do feel that this “relationship” is not as dead and buried as some Jemi haters want to believe.

Below are two pictures from today. One of Joe and One of Demi. They are wearing particular items which many people have assumed are tokens of their love. I for one hope that they are cause they are still wearing them, and wearing them proudly.

Let’s hope that the current situation between Joe and Demi is just one chapter in the ongoing story of love that is Jemi and that this story has not yet finished. As Demi sang in “Stop The World” – I’ll turn another page, won’t close the book.

Joe is also wearing the Infinity necklace, Demi also has one and it might also be a Jemi token – thanks Ale for that catch.



Camp Rock 2 New Song: Different Summers

Demi Lovato sings this song to Joe’s character in the movie.

*Don’t forget that Joe and Demi will join All Star in Disney World on February 11!


NEw Camp Rock Pic & Joe Talk Romance

Jemi Holding Hands!

From People:

Joe Jonas chatted to People about Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam: ‘There’s a lot more romance with my character and even with Nick’s character. The romance, the singing and dancing, everything is bigger and better.’

Mitchie and Shane’s romance grows as they battle against a new music camp called Camp Star that has opened across the lake: ‘The romance between Shane and Mitchie is still there and it continues to grow. They want to spend more time together but [finding time is a bit] difficult for them to do, because she is trying to help out the camp as much as she can.’

Demi, ‘They are so easy to work with and we just hangout and have fun. They are like my brothers and they are my best friends. They always make me laugh.’ Nick Jonas on falling for the daughter of the owner of the rival camp: ‘It’s fun. It’s good when you feel comfortable with the person and we’re friends.’

Nervous about kissing Chloe? ‘No, we hadn’t had to do that but it’s been good.’ Kevin is the odd man out as a camp counselor with no love interest: ‘I’ve got my own love interest in my real life so I’m good!’

Happy New Years Eve!


The Jonas Brothers: E! special

Jonas Brothers E! SPecial Featuring Demi Lovato! Jemi Talk? On Wednesday!

From: MusicIsAWayOfLife19 On Youtube

commercial for one hour e special on the jonas brothers this wednesday december 23. i own absolutely nothing.

some people are having trouble with noise so this is whats being said….

“I remember walking off stage, and really thinking to myself I’m in the worst band in America.”
“It was over, before it even started”

and then…
“It would be easier just to be sad about the fact that things were falling apart, we said let’s keep doing it.”
“When Taylor looks back, she’s gonna realize you don’t find the one when your at this age.”
“So I asked, am I gonna die?”
“Were not perfect, by any means.”


Camp Rock Vs Camp Rock 2 Connect Three Photo

Which one is better? Wait… SHane is going to have curly and straight hair during the movie?

Thx zozotemp and crez104 from twitter for the picture!

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Demi’s Mother Source For Zack Taylor

From Zack Taylor:


For those following me on Twitter, there was a lot of drama late last night, and here is the post I promised after much debate – Please watch the video below before you begin reading all this…

Vodpod videos no longer available.


For those following me on Twitter, there was a lot of drama late last night, and here is the post I promised after much debate – Please watch the video below before you begin reading all this…

A couple weeks ago exclusively reported that Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas were dating. We reported this news based on inside information given to us by a source very close to Demi – Since this website has started, has always kept our sources private and confidential; There is no need to release names as that is how this gossip business works and how we continue to get insider information. I have never said the names of ANY of my sources and would never think to reveal a source unless it was in a situation that could hurt my career / reputation and those of my co-workers…

Rewinding for a bit… Some of the MANY text messages we got from our source confirming “JEMI” said the following:
“Demi and Dirk are NOT dating!!”

“They (Joe and Demi) are taking it slow is a really good way to put it, but you didn’t hear that from me!!! And he didn’t spend the nite. I don’t know who confirmed that. And Dirk was out a long time ago!!!”

“they are meant for each other!!!!! don’t you dare say I SAID THAT!!!”

“God I hope not. She has loved him since the first camp rock!!! Been fun talking to ya but gotta turn my phone off my planes takin off now!!! We will talk soon I’m sure!!!”

“you gotta be patient cuz no rep is gonna confirm it i can assure you!”

“I’m trusting you zack. I’m already a suspect and I’m close to being in trouble. I gotta lay low now. you only know the truth and ppl will see that.”

“It’ll die down in a couple days, then the truth will come and ppl will then say “OMG he was telling the truth!” Then they’ll respect u even more.”
However, last night a circumstance came-up that put our website & business in a jeopardizing position – Either we reveal our source, or lose all credibility, something that is hard to come by in the blogging world with so many sites. I am never one to go against my word, and all my other inside celebrity sources have ALWAYS trusted me (and hopefully still do as they should), however, I do not take to threats very kindly like most people I know. As I always say, I will do everything to help someone in this industry, and give them my full trust until they try and f**k me over!!

The story goes that an unknown website that is also in communication with our source planted lies and told our source yesterday some wrong information that got our source worked-up to the boiling point. Our source sent me the following text message (and a couple others that I will not post) soon after receiving these lies:

“I deserved to know what kind of person you really are. Please stop talking about our family!!!! I was only trying to be a friend to you. Please just go away!!!! Leave me alone!!!”

Right after, Demi Lovato private Twittered me that if I do reveal my source that she would take to her own Twitter and report that her and Joe were not dating and fans would think I was telling a complete lie, thus ruining my credibility & reputation.
Honestly, I can understand why my insider (and Demi) would be upset and feeling betrayed, however, it was just another lie told to them to try and get them to spill the beans and create a story – They should have known better and not taken their fustration out / bashed me in the process of finding out the truth!!
So what am I to do – Sit around and let my site be made a fool of?? Cry wolf of a story and have my readers never trust me again?? Or, report the truth and hopefully people will see this story for what it is and not be upset or think of me as a backstabber to my source??
Maybe I am the bad guy here?? Ahhhh!!
Doing the right thing after much debate, I messaged my source and explained the situation, and how I was now obligated to my readers to report something since everyone was following this dramatic case VERY closely. I have even left out some messages and convos from this post to further protect the people this is about. I also didn’t want to lose my integrity over one story, and told my source that the threats were uncalled for and put me in a bad position with EVERYONE… My source replied back with the following:

“Well because of the Twitter thing I had to tell demi the truth. I told her that i did talk to you.”

“Zack there is nothing I can do to help anything. I’ve been sick about this all nite. I don’t know what to tell you.”

“If you reveal your sources no one will ever talk to you again.”

“what do you feel you need to tell your readers? That I was the one who told you demi and joe were dating? Is that what you want to tell them? do what you want.”

After telling my source that I planned to come clean and for the first time in my career actually reveal whom my insider was, I got a bunch of private Twitter messages from Demi Lovato herself over the course of the night:



[I cut out some messages that do not need to be shown]

These messages made me speechless… Never have I ever felt so emotional about a story, nor have I ever wanted to hurt Demi or her family… But I had to come clean, expec. after all the hurtful messages coming my way & my promise to my readers!!

So, there you have it, the TRUTH… My source was none other than Demi Lovato’s own mother, Dianna Delagarza!!

She confirmed to me that Joe and Demi were taking it slow & everything else you read above and in my previous blog posts on “JEMI”. She has also since told me that they are going to try and see where stuff goes once Joe is back in L.A. since it’s hard for them to talk a lot since when Joe goes to bed, Demi is just waking up – The time difference is very hard on them but they are trying as much as they can. However, the good news is that JEMI is alive, confirmed by Demi’s own mother, and hopefully works out once Joe comes home!!

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New Camp Rock 2 Promo Pics Released!



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