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Jemi, Jewelry, and Jokes!

The Guys did an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning.! It was hilarious. Watch out for all the Jemi Shipping by Ryan like at 0:55 Ryan coughs and it goes on from there about you know. ;3 And at 5:58 Joe explains something. ;3 ❤ can you say “AWWWWW” with me? ;3 ❤

Here’s Jemi at the Grand Opening for the Revival Vintage Boutique in LA. Then you all know about the Cheesecake Factory date. ;3 ❤

Demi’s wearing her new ring again. Is it or isn’t it? LoL

Check out the rest of the pics HERE. And the lovely cheesecake factory holding hands and smiling pics are HERE. ;3 ❤

And here’s Selena talking about Demi. “I’m so Team Jemi.” Aw, I miss her. ❤

Update: I just had to post tweet! You all know! A heartful of giggles and smiles we are having. ;3 ❤

“Wearing a giant sweater that’s not mine, but I love it :)” – DL ❤


Jemi Support Kevin Minute to Win it!

Again, where do I begin? So Demi and Miley got to kick it earlier that day. Aw, what good friends they are! After that cool happening, Demi drove to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas’ house to meet up with Joe. Then the pretty two joined Nick and Nicole to support Kevin in Minute to Win It!

Aw, they are so utterly precious when together. This picture is a favorite among the Jemi lovers at twitter! Look at Joe’s face. Can you tell me what was he was thinking? It’s one of those smirks that I love catching. ;3 ❤

And did you guys catch their tweets?! Of course you did! Haha, my heart was thumping when I didn’t know what was going on! ;3 ❤

“I laughed so hard I cried 4 times today. Today was the best ever.. Ever ever ever.” – DL ❤

There are more things going on in the rest of the other pictures! Demi’s luscious hair, Joe’s hot hair, Demi’s shirt buttoned when she arrived, unbuttoned when they left, Joe’s shorts changed to pants, Joe checking Demi’s apple bottoms—check them out! And at JJJ! There are many more links to look at but they’ll be posted later!

So as a result, they all had a lovely day. ;3 ❤

Btw, here’s the “Can’t Back Down” music video which many of you already seen! ;3 ❤


Road to Camp Rock 2: Shane and Mitchie

The new sneak peak for the Camp Rock sequel, where we learn more about Shane and Mitchie’s relationship and Jemi talk about how it was to work together again. We also get a little peek at their duet “wouldnt change a thing.” (which sounds amazing!).

Are you guys excited for the movie? I definitely am! Can’t wait to see Shane and Mitchie as well!



Jemi is Mars and Venus!

Oh my! I can’t believe I missed this earlier on Tyra. Is that girl a Jemi fan or what?! I am just so thankful for her asking such a question with some Joe and Demi on the side. ;3 ❤

“His Mars is conjunct to her Venus.” – that guy in the blue shirt who explained it in a good way. ;3 ❤

Oh my goodness. Doesn’t it make you giggle? ;3 ❤

P.S.: Sorry for late posts! I know there are more stuff that should be posted and they will. They would be all in one post because I assume that most of you already heard or saw it. So don’t worry, they will be posted!

By the way, thoughts, hearts and prayers for Demi and her family. ❤

Updates on this post later!


Jemi at Ocean’s Premiere

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato made quite a splash at the premiere of Disney’s Oceans this Saturday. Some people online where worried at first because Joe and Demi were not walking together at the beginning of the event. They worried for naught as Joe and Demi were drawn towards each other like magnets connecting on the carpet for some hand holding and a few quick photo-ops.

Along with those pictures are the revelations of a Camp Rock Tour in the works for this summer before the release of the Movie. Also an article written in a European magazine mentions the mansion that Joe Jonas was reported to be interested in renting or buying. The article also mentions how Joe would like Girlfriend Demi Lovato to move in.


Jemi Movie Date!

My eyebrows are going up and down, are yours?! So was this movie date after the SWAC filming or last night?! I am not sure yet! Well the link to the rest of the pics are not working but I’m sure most of you saw it already! You know where to find them! ;3 ❤

These are just some tweets:

“notice how when papz are right in front of their faces taking pics, Jemi doesn’t hold hands…” – @whoajemi

“So the Jemi Movie date rumor was true. Cool beans. Demi looks hot but always mad when people take pics. I guess she wants Joe for herself” – @Jemi_Bard

“soo if they were together lastnight that mean demi was with joe when he did the 20 question game aaa thats why she laught soo hard lastnight” – @franciinii

Updates later! ;3 ❤

Update: Posting the video that you all have watched! Here is the original video link. Haha, the doors didn’t open. Don’t you just love Demi’s laugh?! And who watched SWAC?! Demi did so hot on her performance and I saw Joe’s clean hand so clearly. ;3 Oh! Here is the link to the rest of the pictures! And who read the tweets? ;3 ❤

“I love the sound of rain hitting my roof. Gonna light some candles, put on some music and hop into the bath tub.. #ilovesundays” – DL ❤

Then few moments later: “I liked this day.” and “I Never had a dream come true – steve wonder” “Stevie* :/” – JJ ❤

The song is so “AWWWW”!!! Please do listen to it here! So meant for lovely her. ;3 ❤


Jemi on Teen Vogue Photoshoot!

Woah! Joe and Demi are going to be in Teen Vogue together?! Gosh, I so want to hug myself and Jemi lovers looking at this. Who’s going to buy it because of them?! ;3 ❤ More pictures here! ;3 ❤

Oh and the tweets! The tweets!

“Tonight I laughed so hard I threw up…… I guess there’s a first for everything!” – DL ❤

“Ha! 🙂 Tonight I laughed so hard I threw up…… I guess there’s a first for everything! (via @ddlovato)” – JJ ❤

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