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Road to Camp Rock 2!

WHO can spy Jemi?


Camp Rock 2 New Song: Different Summers

Demi Lovato sings this song to Joe’s character in the movie.

*Don’t forget that Joe and Demi will join All Star in Disney World on February 11!


Send It On Music Video Behind The Scenes TEAM JBDMS

Miley, Selena, Demi, and the Jonas Brothers give you an inside look to their environmentally friendly song for “Friends For Change”

Jemi Moments! Jemi wearing pink! Don’t Forget Send It on! I Will!

JB, Demi, and Miley and Selena should have a group name: TEAM JBDMS


BFF’S Sing Send It On…..On And On!


Could this be Disney Channel’s answer to “We Are the World”?

We’ll learn more tomorrow when the environmental anthem “Send It On” debuts on Radio Disney. Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are singing.

The song will be available on iTunes on Tuesday for 99 cents — and the money goes to environmental charities.

The “Send It On” video debuts Friday, Aug. 14, on Disney Channel — where else? — and Saturday, Aug. 15, on and ABC.

“Send It On” is one offshoot of Disney’s Friends for Change: Project Green campaign. More than 350,000 kids have registered to be part of the campaign at

A special will give an inside look at the campaign. It’s a big title: “Lights, Camera, Take Action! Backstage With Disney’s Friends for Change.” It will debut after “Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie” on Friday, Aug. 28.

(Thx Orlando Sentinel and Just Jared Jr. for Pics!)


Close Up on Jemi Under!

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Demi and Robert Kiss On Sonny With a Chance!?

Watvh Video^ They kiss on the new episode here:

Demi Lovato and Tiffany Thornton have a heart-to-heart chat in this new still from Sonny With A Chance.

In the upcoming episode “Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner,” Tawni (Thornton) has a crush on the new intern (guest star Robert Adamson) and enlists Sonny (Lovato) to teach her how to act “normal” to impress him. After a slew of unfortunate events, Sonny must use her resources to help save their date. Meanwhile, Nico (Brandon Smith) and Grady (Doug Brochu) attempt to get a sandwich named after them.

JJJ Fun Fact: Robert Adamson played Donnie in Princess Protection Program with Demi! He also stars as Charles in ABC Family’s Lincoln Heights.

“Sonny in the Kitchen with Dinner” premieres Sunday, August 16 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.


Do you think Joe will get jealous?


Demi Lovato – Here We Go Again – Album Preview

Demi Lovato is set to release her second album, Here We Go Again, on July 21, 2009
This is the tracklist:
1. Here We Go Again
2 . Solo
3. U got nothin’ on me
4. Falling over me
5. Quiet
6. Catch me
7. Everytime you lie
8. Got Dynamite
9. Stop the world
10. World of chances
11. Remember December
12. Everything You’re Not
Bonus Track:
13. Gift of a Friend
14. So Far So Great

**About the song”For the love of a daughter” Demi says she wants her fans to grow with her and says that that song is too mature for her younger audience and that she wouldn’t want parents sitting around with their children discussing the meaning of the song. Maybe is gonna be on the next record**
“Shut up and love me” is not on iTunes.

(C) 2009 Hollywood Records, Inc.
From iTunes

(Thx TrainwreckV)

Her music is like Paramore and John Mayer! Don’y Forget to buy it!


Demi Lovato – Live Webcast Series

Check out Demi Lovato’s Live Webcast Series only on Facebook Starting July 2nd at 4:15PM PST!

To RSVP go to

She even said there might be suprises, maybe JB!!!!!!!!!