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“Let’s do the un-thinkable.”

Have you been catching up on their tweets? Have you seen the interviews? The chat? ❤

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Joe and Demi Do Something!

“Come on guys, Do Something!” – @Jemi_Bard

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Demi in San Diego!

Jemi lovers! This was very unexpected! Who would have thought Demi would come to our town, San Diego?! Sorry for the slow posts. I have a handful of things to talk about but it’s just about what happened and how exciting it was. And I just don’t have the words to explain my wonderful feeling!  Demi was so fine! Like so fine I just—<3 I took a lot of pictures but I really want to upload them in full size. I uploaded this picture and I can see that you can view full size if you click on it. So I’m thinking about uploading them all here—<3 Update later!



Eyes on Jemi DC Weekend!

I bet you  all are thinking, why post on a hump day? Too long and complicated to explain! ;3 ❤

Okay, did we or did we not have a fun-filled, imagination-filled weekend?! We certainly did! From twitter to tumblr to the very sexy and wholesome forum, Clumsy Cuddlers to jeminews and other sites, we all had fun with all the photos, moments, happenings to know and witness; and we still are.

All of them looked stunning at the White House dinner. Kevin and Danielle are such a sweet married couple, Nick looked dashing but—Joe and Demi. Wow, I really want the exact words to express what I feel when I first saw the pictures of the night on twitter but I don’t. Maybe I do: My eyes went wide, my smile looked like I had a lover, my mind went ka-boom, and my heart went all over. I so love Demi’s twitpics and the people in them! ❤ Then later on more pictures got updated. Gosh, what lovely goosebumps dropped on me. The way they look at each other is pretty precious. Just all smiles and giggles here. Here are some quick links to it: here and there! And all you saw the family walking-to/from-the-hotel pictures. ;3 ❤

Who saw the fierce Camp Rock 2 trailer and Nick’s hot behind? Who read the ever so sweet articles? Who noticed the tweets? VV Brown and Acceptance! ;3 ❤

Yeah, I saw that kiss between—I rather not talk about it. I still love Chelsea Staub! And unfortunately there are still people who are sending threats and ugly messages to Demi. Oh no they didn’t:

But you know what?

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Jemi at Ocean’s Premiere

The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato made quite a splash at the premiere of Disney’s Oceans this Saturday. Some people online where worried at first because Joe and Demi were not walking together at the beginning of the event. They worried for naught as Joe and Demi were drawn towards each other like magnets connecting on the carpet for some hand holding and a few quick photo-ops.

Along with those pictures are the revelations of a Camp Rock Tour in the works for this summer before the release of the Movie. Also an article written in a European magazine mentions the mansion that Joe Jonas was reported to be interested in renting or buying. The article also mentions how Joe would like Girlfriend Demi Lovato to move in.


CAMBIO/Joe Suprises Demi on SWAC!

Looks like a new online webshow or something, where all these amazing artists come together, make funny videos, show behind the scenes and backstage stuff, and just have fun! (thats my guess at least!)

Joined the insider list, I’ll update you guys on anything i receive!

What do YOU think of Cambio?


Update: Thank you Blarg for posting that! Cambio is a great idea. We get to “interact” more. ;3

Okay! From tweets, Joe visited Demi on SWAC! He surprised her on set by wearing another “actor’s fraternity jacket.” Mia Turner attended the SWAC filming and here’s what she replied to a Jemi lover:

“@hazelann24 It’s totally real 🙂 Can’t fake that joy she had on her face” – miaturner

“@hazelann24 He stopped by and surprised her by taking the place of one of the actors :P” – miaturner

Btw, Mia drove all the way from Arizona! Isn’t that crazy?! Please check out her twitter for more replies! I bet you all will secretly smirk or smile somehow. ;3 Aw, Joe. You sweet thing; how hot of you to do that. Of course pretty Demi was thankful for that. ;3 ❤

Update: Here is Mia Turner’s twitlonger! ;3 ❤

And who hasn’t watch this yet? 0:55 and 1:10 Smile, smile. ;3 ❤


Kid’s Choice Awards 2010

Thank you Angelgurl

I’m not even going to bother talking about the waste of time that the KCA’s were. Thank God for Jemi or it would have been the most boring show on TV. Thank you Camera Guy 3 for being a Jemi fan.

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