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Jamming for Camp Rock 2!

So, who is ready to rock for Camp Rock 2?! ❤

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‘Cause Hugs Aren’t Overrated

Yeah, it kinda starts at—oh, just watch the whole thing! How many Jemi fans are out there in New Jersey?! ❤

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Eyes on Jemi DC Weekend!

I bet you  all are thinking, why post on a hump day? Too long and complicated to explain! ;3 ❤

Okay, did we or did we not have a fun-filled, imagination-filled weekend?! We certainly did! From twitter to tumblr to the very sexy and wholesome forum, Clumsy Cuddlers to jeminews and other sites, we all had fun with all the photos, moments, happenings to know and witness; and we still are.

All of them looked stunning at the White House dinner. Kevin and Danielle are such a sweet married couple, Nick looked dashing but—Joe and Demi. Wow, I really want the exact words to express what I feel when I first saw the pictures of the night on twitter but I don’t. Maybe I do: My eyes went wide, my smile looked like I had a lover, my mind went ka-boom, and my heart went all over. I so love Demi’s twitpics and the people in them! ❤ Then later on more pictures got updated. Gosh, what lovely goosebumps dropped on me. The way they look at each other is pretty precious. Just all smiles and giggles here. Here are some quick links to it: here and there! And all you saw the family walking-to/from-the-hotel pictures. ;3 ❤

Who saw the fierce Camp Rock 2 trailer and Nick’s hot behind? Who read the ever so sweet articles? Who noticed the tweets? VV Brown and Acceptance! ;3 ❤

Yeah, I saw that kiss between—I rather not talk about it. I still love Chelsea Staub! And unfortunately there are still people who are sending threats and ugly messages to Demi. Oh no they didn’t:

But you know what?

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Epic RoundUp: Jemi is Slow…..


  • Demi tweeted lyrics from Much Better.
  • Joe and Brenda had a dinner Date.
  • Taylor Swift laughed at Joe getting dumped by Camilla.
  • Teen Choice Awards ’09 airs at August 10, 2009 and I don’t know if Demi will be attending because she has a concert the same day. She is nominated for 5 and JB have 9.
  • Hear the full Send It On song on Radio Disney August 7, 2009, Friday!

Epic RoundUp: Tremi and Jella Romance GRRR!


  • Tremi have been twittering eachother lovey dovey twits.
  • I love Chelsea Staub but hate her character, Stella, in JONAS, because her and Joe have a connection but I think the song WHY in the Fashion Victim episode is for Joe being jealous of Tremi.
  • Demi is missing Trace?
  • Joe is still dating Camilla? Because he did say he has a girlfriend in Larry King and even said she’s not as big Miley.
  • Demi kisses her love interest in her upcoming music video for new single Here We Go Again.
  • Sorry for not putting up pics of Jemi, Niley, and Nelena on the set of their music video Send It On.
  • Lines, Vines, and Tryung Times CD has a lot og great songs, my favorite is Don’t Charge Me For The Crime and What Did I Do To Your Heart.
  • Poison Ivy lyrics: Everyone’s allergic to poison ivy,  everyone’s allergic to poison ivy, everybody gets the itch, everybody hates that….. I think its avout Taylor Swift, and I think that they were trying to give a hint that they were wanting to say: everybody gets the itch, everybody hates that b****
  • Much Better is about Taylor Swift, fans, and Demi or Camilla.
  • Camp Rock 2, can’t wait!

FYI: Epic RoundUp is only posted when I don’t update Jemistry! for a long time and so I just post all the updates under Epic RoundUp!

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